CRIMSON FIRE'S latest album is out and flaming hot! Released by Pitch Black Records on June 3d 2016, it has swept the audience and the critics away! Twelve blazing tracks of 80’s -in your face- power metal to take you back to that epic era when metal ruled the world. Powerful vocals, virtuoso guitars and rocksteady & earth shaking rhythm section will melt your face off.

You can purchase FIREBORN electronically on the links below, or contact CRIMSON FIRE or PITCH BLACK RECORDS for a hard copy.

“The best you’ll hear this year! Buy or Die!” - Sentinel Daily, Australia

“Masterful songwriting 9.0/10” - Metal Express Radio, Norway

“Passionate vocals and virtuoso guitar playing" 8.0/10 - Musipedia of Metal, UK

“12 Tracks, distilling all the great Heavy Metal tradition of this magnificent, creative era" 6.0/6.0 - Via Nocturna - Portugal

“Fireborn is a great example of heavy metal done right, and it has what it takes to break through the noise” - Transcending Obscurity, India